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The Benefits of Getting Listed on Places

Places is 's way of giving local business owners an upper hand. There are so many benefits to getting listed in Places that any local business owner who's not taking advantage of it is really leaving money on the table.

Here are some of the main benefits of getting listed in Places.

=> Surpass Other More Established Rankings

Search engines are notoriously difficult to rank for. If you wanted to get ranked for "San Francisco Pizza" with a new website, it'll probably take you at least a year to get on the front page, let alone to the top of the page.

However, with Places, you can quickly leap to the top of the listings even with a brand new website.

Your business will be displayed at the top of local searches for your business type. So if someone in San Francisco types in "San Francisco Pizza", your pizzeria would display higher than all the organic listings - even if they've been there for years.


=> Show on Maps and iPhone Searches

Let's say someone's on their iPhone and needs to find a locksmith. They type in "Locksmith" in Maps and find the three nearest locksmiths.

If you have a locksmithing shop and you're in Places, your shop will show up as a pin in their search. If they're nearby, they'll likely start walking to your shop.

The same works on online Maps searches. The number of people using Maps every day is staggering - don't neglect this opportunity.

=> Free Photo Shoots

If you're running a business in a major city, Places may be willing to come to your business to take some professional quality photos for free.

accomplishes two things with this. First, they improve their listings. Having photos actually improves the quality of their search results.

They also verify that you're a real business by physically setting foot in your establishment. They'll often do this anyway even if they're not taking photos, so they might as well take some photos while they're there.

These are just some of the benefits of being listed in Places. has taken the stance that local businesses should be given an edge when it comes to local searches. Naturally, if someone's looking for a local business in their search, they should find a local business rather than a well-optimized website that's not a local business.

Being on Places will help your rankings, will put you on the iPhone and Android screens and even has fringe benefits like free photo shoots. Getting into Places isn't hard if you're a real offline business. Why not get your business on Places today?

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