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  Twitter for Small Businesses
Market Research Tools for Twitter for Small Businesses

Twitter is another platform much like Facebook and MySpace for getting in touch with business associates and staying in touch with customers. If you use Twitter, then there are some research tools you will want to be aware of.

What Is Twitter?

Twitter is a messaging platform that lets you send short messages or 140 characters or less. These are called “tweets.” You can create groups that can receive your tweets. There are “retweets” where people can piggyback on what you have already posted. You can subscribe to the Twitter feeds of others to keep in touch with what is going on.

They are really helpful on a smaller, more effective scale. You can even have a meeting using tweets instead of coming into the office. It is still working out the bugs, but most who use it find it very helpful for their small business needs.


Twitter Tools

So, how can you make the most of Twitter? Here are some ways.

* Twitter search - This is found at It is like a search engine for only Twitter conversations. You can keep tabs on what other people are thinking right up to the minute. If you are looking for a mention of the latest fashion styles, use it as your search parameter. Unlike the internet, tweets are often more personal and you can find out what is in people’s minds right now. If you want to talk with those particular people, you can do it by joining their conversation.

* Twitter Grader - Go to You can use this tool to find out the people who are on Twitter and making their presence known. That influence can be useful to you if it falls within your niche.

* Backtweets - If you use this tool ( you can not only search Twitter for people linking to websites, but those who use URL shorteners to link to websites. You can see your competition and who is talking about whom. It can tell you if you are being mentioned and others are linking back to your site.

* Backtype - is like a Twitter search on other social media. Twitter search goes through Twitter conversations to help you find out what others on Twitter are thinking. Backtype allows you to see conversations by tweeters that appear on blogs, site forums, other social networks and in other marketing media. Now, you know what the skinny is across many different sites and not just Twitter.

* Twellow - Now that you are searching conversations and Twitter gurus, you can also search business directories for Twitter users in your niche business and geographic area. allows you to find these people and follow them if you choose. You can also see who is following you.

Are you using Twitter for online marketing? If not, give it a try. It is an inexpensive way to get the information you need in an unconventional way.

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