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Published by in FASHION · 16 January 2019
Tags: fashionlondontop Show off your killer shapes in one of our dresses, designed to enhance  your figure and perfect for flaunting what you've got! Whether it's a  laid-back cool day look or a formal evening style, Fashionmia always has  the dress for you.

IBodycon Dresses Down To 75% Off
A bodycon dress  is a one-piece figure hugging garment that clings tightly to the body  from the bust to the lower hem. It typically has three lengths: upper  thigh, mid thigh or knee. Bodycon dresses are usually made of a lycra  and polyester blend, to give them enough elasticity to hug the figure  smoothly.

These tight fitting dresses are popular as evening wear, but  are increasingly worn as day wear when correctly and creatively  accessorised. Bodycon dresses have evolved from a simple style and now  can appear in various guises.

Some bodycon dresses are strapless, while  others have wide straps or sleeves. The neckline is typically low,  showing a considerable amount of cleavage. Many bodycon dresses have cut  away sections and peepholes running down the sides of the dresses, and  others are backless.

Wearing a bodycon dress  is a bold statement of self-esteem and body confidence. The name of the  dress comes from a contraction of the phrase body conscious. Made from  lycra composites, this dress clings tightly to the body, showcasing the  figure, and leaving little to the imagination.



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